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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Things Jude likes.

Jude - Aged two years and one month

1. Asking questions (repeatedly) instead of making statements. 

Instead of 'I want to go to the shops' he says;

'Do you want to go to the shops?'
'Do you want to go to the shops darlin?'
Do you want to go to the shops sweet pea?

Then you ask him the question…
Mummy : 'Do you want to go to the shops sweet pea?'

And he answers in the most beautiful tone///


2.  Reading books
3. Puzzlin' with his puzzles.
4. Bubbles. 
5. Santa. Talking about Santa. 
6. Multivitamins disguised as bear lollies
7. Play doh. Where he orders what he would like you to make and then watches you make it. Sometimes he may contribute by making some wheels/eyes. Maaaayyyybe.
8. Painting. Or should i say 'moving paint around with his hands or a stick.'
9. Playing 'shopping trolleys and prams' where he and another little human (or a big human most of the time) run around after each other from his room to the lounge room and back again. Over and over again. His tiny little friends even get tired of this waaaay before Jude does.
10. 'Jumping' on the bed. Even though Jude can't jump - naw!
11. Feeding the chickens next-door or the ducks at the lake. 
12. The rookpool in Terrigal. They should start charging for that place* it's so freekin cool. * - Please don't.
13. The Thomas The Tank Engine ride at Erina Fair. He sits very still and has a slight smile on his face, but mostly it's a look of utter seriousness, concentration and awe of all that is Thomas. Only a mother knows, this is the most excited face of all.
14. Wheels. Fans. Washing machines. Dryers. Air conditioning units. Things that go round and round. Sometimes we'll spend 20 minutes watching the washing machine… Then when we're at other people's houses, he asks to see their washing machines. Yep.
15. The people he loves. There's a few special people to Jude, me included and he loves us so. We love him back. So much. More than he will ever know. But i hope he knows as much as he can know.

Oh and obviously watching his favourite movies and TV shows on our crappy TV. But i'm not going to put THAT in. Cars, Toy Story, Dora The Explorer, Giggle & Hoot, Roary The Racing Car…. 


  1. Jude is adorable :)

    Have a lovely end of the year.

  2. Jude sounds just adorable! Here's wishing you luck for the year of the 'terrible twos' and that you get to skip the 'terrible' part..... I have found the second year with my own dear Fern to be the most challenging of my life!! Hope you had a lovely Xmas! xx Nicole - Bubby Makes Three

  3. Thanks Anabelle. I love reading your beautiful blog. I get so inspired on here. It's wonderful.

    Nicole I'm sure you've done a wonderful job as Fern's mumma. Even on the bad days! Here's hoping all the patience I've developed I'm the first two years of motherhood will help me out big time in jude's second year!

    I think the biggest challenge is me though! Staying healthy, well, peaceful, calm and PATIENT. If I can do that, then I'll be able to handle jude's good, bad and terrible days.

    Fingers crossed xx