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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Best (op shop) day of my life.

I walked back up the browny-red coloured stairs with happiness in my heart and my arms full of op shopped bargains and announced to Paul that this was indeed, the best day of my life.

'Of your life?'
He said sweetly.

'Yes. Well it was definitely a moment.'
I answered.

I occasionally exaggerate. But here is my loot and i've been staring at it all since i got it home. Paul can't believe how happy it made me.

Jude is so impressed with his haul... 'Doggy!' Oh Doggy!' he said about his $3 xylophone. There were 4 others there, someone must have been ridding their lives of doggy xylophones... (FYI - It was The Smith Family @ Bateau Bay - behind Bay Village if anyone needs a xylo-fix)

From left to right. Kinda.

Dress for this lady's baby Olive (the embroidery is gorgeous) - $5, Vintage floral dress (with original tags!!) for Coco - $5, Red bloomers for Olive - $3,  Sailor suit for Jude - $4, Brown slacks for Jude - $4, Metal dump truck - $5, Blue papier mache box - $3, Floral saucepan (mint condition) - $2, Doggy xylophone - $3, Wooden necklace - $1, Clay necklace - $1, Brown glass bowl - 25 cents, Vintage floral mug - 25 cents, Wooden bangles - 50 cents each and my favourite find - brown leather sandals for Jude - $2. And they're a perfect fit. Was swooning over saltwater sandals but they were a little pricey for my darling's growing tootsies.

How blessed am i?


Chockers of blessed.


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

When We Met...

When we met
It was true love at first sight.
I remember not being able to believe that you stopped crying when you heard my voice.
I remember feeling like a powerful and strong woman for enduring childbirth.
I remember being so afraid that something, anything, could ever happen to you
The kind of fear you know only when you are a parent
You try and deafen it, cover your ears, busy your mind and your hands and your heart
But it creeps in. 
I want to strap you in a stack hat
Lock all the doors
Keep you by my side forever
But i love you too much to keep you cooped up
In my cage of adoration.
I can only imagine God loves you
And knows of your specialness too.
My little darling sweet pea.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

With resolution at my side.

I think i have just thought up the two most boring resolutions of my life. It's almost embarrassing for me to admit to them, for my fear of being 'boring' overrides many many other fears in my life.

So here they are…

To be more organised
To get more sleep.

Wow. I almost fell asleep just then…

Sometimes living a 'fly by the seat of your pants' kind of lifestyle is exciting and liberating. But for me it's become quite soul destroying and fills me with anxiety over the smallest of things. I have literally burst into tears sometimes at the thought of what to make for dinner, realising i haven't got any of the ingredients i require, have over-scheduled and under-planned my week and have stayed up too late writing/reading/facebooking/tv-watching/god-knows-what-else-ing.

So instead of it being exciting, it's actually become quite stressful. And i'm done.

So this year i am letting go of the teenager within and embracing the woman i know i am. The peaceful, capable, organised, loving, energised mother, musician, girlfriend, family member and friend. 

Not just for me… for him