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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Best (op shop) day of my life.

I walked back up the browny-red coloured stairs with happiness in my heart and my arms full of op shopped bargains and announced to Paul that this was indeed, the best day of my life.

'Of your life?'
He said sweetly.

'Yes. Well it was definitely a moment.'
I answered.

I occasionally exaggerate. But here is my loot and i've been staring at it all since i got it home. Paul can't believe how happy it made me.

Jude is so impressed with his haul... 'Doggy!' Oh Doggy!' he said about his $3 xylophone. There were 4 others there, someone must have been ridding their lives of doggy xylophones... (FYI - It was The Smith Family @ Bateau Bay - behind Bay Village if anyone needs a xylo-fix)

From left to right. Kinda.

Dress for this lady's baby Olive (the embroidery is gorgeous) - $5, Vintage floral dress (with original tags!!) for Coco - $5, Red bloomers for Olive - $3,  Sailor suit for Jude - $4, Brown slacks for Jude - $4, Metal dump truck - $5, Blue papier mache box - $3, Floral saucepan (mint condition) - $2, Doggy xylophone - $3, Wooden necklace - $1, Clay necklace - $1, Brown glass bowl - 25 cents, Vintage floral mug - 25 cents, Wooden bangles - 50 cents each and my favourite find - brown leather sandals for Jude - $2. And they're a perfect fit. Was swooning over saltwater sandals but they were a little pricey for my darling's growing tootsies.

How blessed am i?


Chockers of blessed.



  1. What wonderful finds. That feeling of an op shop bargain love it.

  2. you're truly blessed Sarah. What great finds, good on you. I keep intending to go op-shopping and still haven't got there, yet! have a happy week. Jane x

    1. Jane - it's absolutely one of my favourite things to do. I could spend an hour in each store, going through every bit of treasure and finding something that sings to me. So when time and Jude allows, or even better if i'm flying solo - i am in one rummaging away. After consuming a coffee and banana bread first (one of my other favourite 'flying solo' past-times.)

  3. Your day just got won the bakers delight voucher. Email or message me your address and i'll pop it in your letterbox x

    1. Oh yay! Thank you Jodi. I will buy a 4 pack of cheesymite scrolls for my freezer :)

  4. what fabulous loot woman! I'll be seein' ya on tuesday


  5. Hello Sarah, I just selected you as one of my favorite blogs :) Come visit me if you want to learn more about it...

    Have a lovely day ♥

  6. Those sandals are awesome. As is the mug, puppyphone and well, all of it. Would have been having a dazed stare at the end of that too!
    X ashley