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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

When We Met...

When we met
It was true love at first sight.
I remember not being able to believe that you stopped crying when you heard my voice.
I remember feeling like a powerful and strong woman for enduring childbirth.
I remember being so afraid that something, anything, could ever happen to you
The kind of fear you know only when you are a parent
You try and deafen it, cover your ears, busy your mind and your hands and your heart
But it creeps in. 
I want to strap you in a stack hat
Lock all the doors
Keep you by my side forever
But i love you too much to keep you cooped up
In my cage of adoration.
I can only imagine God loves you
And knows of your specialness too.
My little darling sweet pea.


  1. Beautiful... Him, you, your love for him, your words.

    1. Thank you Anabelle, my new and inspiring blog-friend.

  2. Congratulations lovely post, beautiful baby, tears in my eyes knowing I'm days away from meeting my own precious gift.

    1. Oh! I've been reading your posts about baby number three. And sweeping the toys into the corner with a broom, how cool and clever! Made me smile. Who knows, maybe baby will come tonight? I remember Jude's Dad having a gentle chat with my tummy when i was eight days overdue and on the ninth day, he was in my arms. And i love that Bob Marley song, so so so much. Night!! x

  3. Thx Sarah I'm officially or unoffically (depends if dates r right) 8 days over so I'll be telling everyone to have a chat with the bump! Love love love the name Colin may have to steal that as we are talking about getting a cat. Our past fish have also had wonderful names - so we think. Wayne then came Wayne Arthur, followed by Trevor and Nancy all living for over 4 years but never together! thanks for making me smile.

  4. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! What a sweet little boy!

  5. So beautiful! your words take me right back to when my babies were born, love xx