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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Boy Wonder, you're my one and only.

So my beautiful partner and I made this film clip. He did all the hard bits and I did all the easy bits. His name is Paul Melnyk and he's going to be making a lot more films and taking a lot more pictures from now on. I'm going to make sure of it.

Here is Boy Wonder... It kind of speaks for itself. My boy, how I love him so.

He is at Montessori for the morning. After an incredible first week it went downhill. The past two weeks he has cried for his Mummy as I leave and it's broken me in two. I went to parent/teacher meet and greet and cried. I cried at the shops. I cried whenever I spoke of Jude being at this magical, beautiful place - a place that I didn't get to go to as well. Today he didn't cry, he took his teacher by the hand and asked him for his muesli bar. It filled me with joy and with hope that we can do this, my boy wonder and I.



  1. Sarah this is pure beauty! I adore this song and sing it to my "boy wonder" as I put him to bed. Your man has made a truly magnificent piece for you and your baby boy. Stunning! And settling into new adventures is tricky on both Mummas and bubbas. It will ebb and flow. Try to be brave and find comfort in the thought that you have given him such a beautiful start to his journey. Be kind on yourself. WIshing you gentle, happy days :) x

  2. Wow so beautiful. The whole thing!
    I have nominated you for an award, come along and see sweet

  3. I watched your sweet little movie last night, it made me very happy to think about all our boy(s) wonder out there, big and little. We are going through a rough transition with Kindy at the moment, too. And despite having walked so many families and children through the process as a teacher, all my wisdom and knowledge is useless when I'm in the mama seat. I'm just relying on knowing that all will be well. Take care! xx sarah

  4. So beautiful Sarah. Wishing you gentle days ahead. All my boys have taken a while to settle in to the rhythm of kindy days but we get there in the end. You have a very beautiful little boy. xx

  5. Sarah, it's just beautiful - all of it. You, Jude, the song, your voice, the clip .... I love it. Kellie xx
    PS Settling into preschool is hard. Sounds like he's well on his way. Yay, Jude!

  6. this is stunning. and beautiful. I got a tear in my eye and also we used to have one of those blue paddling pools made of bars and tarpaulin material .. x

  7. So beautiful Sarah. I saw this clip on another blog the other day and loved it. I feel for you terribly reading about your little one and the tears at drop off as I'm experiencing the same. My three and a half year old has started kindy two weeks ago and is drop offs cause tears for us too... heartbreaking :( She's never really been away from me and so this period of adjustment will take a bit of getting used, but I know we'll get there eventually, just as you and your darling boy will too xx

  8. This is just beautiful. I am so grateful to have discovered it - and you.

  9. Beautiful Sarah and Jude, so lovely to see you both walking up the garden at Monty. I'm glad for Jude that he is settling in - such a divine little, gentle boy... Boy Wonder. Bodhi is looking forward to playing with Jude xxx

    And thanks for your inspiration. I said to Dazla this morning, "We are going to make a film clip!"

    I love Paul's work. The colours are serene which match your voice xxx

    Love Katie xx

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